Cary Rosenblum


As CEO, Cary oversees Elmington’s corporate operations and its 7 primary business divisions. As a founding member, Cary has grown the company to over 800 team members since 2010. Prior to Elmington, Cary served as Vice President in Regions Bank’s Commercial Real Estate Group, a $140 billion financial institution, where he financed in excess of $500 million of conventional commercial real estate transactions and $200 million of direct equity investments. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelors in Business Administration and received his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Georgia in 2003.

Leadership Team

Cary Rosenblum


Ben Brewer


Ryan Seibels

Partner, Commercial Properties

Hunter Nelson

Partner, Affordable Housing Development

Kerri Davis

President, Property Management

Dan Ford

Partner, Property Management

Brad Cather

VP, Affordable Housing Management

Blair Carroll

RVP, Property Management

TJ Andrews


Sean Foreman

RVP, Property Management

Judy Lefkovitz

CIO, Technology

Rick Sweeney

President, Elmington Senior Living

Brienn Klahn

SVP, Support Services

Jillian Anderson

VP, Business Development

Kate Dennis

Director of Human Resources

Lindsay Maguire

Director of Marketing

John Shepard

VP, Affordable Housing Development

Joe Horowitz

VP, Affordable Housing Development

Michael Lamping

VP, Single Family Development

Mark McCord

VP, Affordable Housing Development

Cochrane Jamison

VP, Development Services

Stephanie Lehman

VP, Asset Management

Nini White

Controller, Elmington Capital

Anders Folger

Controller, Construction

Chelsea Perez

Controller, Property Management

Brianna Jones

Controller, Senior Living

Crystal Blaylock

Executive Director, Elevates

Ann Marie Wetherington

Director of Compliance

William Durham

Director of Technology

Karsten Briggs

Partner, Senior Living

John Grantham

Director, Acquisition & Dispositions

Brittany Sears

Director, Commercial Leasing

Kate Gordon

Director, Commercial Property Management

Grace Evans

Director, Affordable Housing Development