Cary Rosenblum


Cary is Elmington’s Chief Executive Officer. As a founding member, he oversees Elmington’s corporate operations and its seven primary business divisions: Property Management, Affordable Housing Development, Commercial Property Investment & Management, Construction, Single-Family Build-to-Rent platform, Senior Living and our nonprofit, Elevates. Cary focuses on developing and managing Elmington’s operational and financial goals and strategic growth plans. Cary is also involved with investment and financing activities, focusing on identification of assets for acquisition, new business development, and corporate relations with financial partners. Prior to Elmington, Cary served as Vice President in Regions Bank’s Commercial Real Estate Group, where he financed in excess of $500 million of commercial real estate transactions through debt and equity executions. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Leadership Team

Cary Rosenblum


Ben Brewer


Hunter Nelson


Ryan Seibels

Partner, Commercial Properties

Nini White

Chief Operating Officer

Kerri Davis

Founder & CEO, Fortress

Cochrane Jamison

President of Construction and Development Services

Michael Lamping

President, Residential

DeAnna Moore

President, Property Management

Erin Perry

VP, Support Services

Haley Haynes

VP, Finance

Dalton Niravong

Director of Technology

Jenna Danley

Director of Compliance

Randall Huff

Director of Procurement

Kate Gordon

Director of Commercial Properties

Ned Munson

VP, Real Estate Investments

David Hine

RVP, Property Management

Brittany Sanchez

EVP, Property Management

Matthew Escobar

RVP, Property Management

Daniel Smith

RVP, Property Management

Laura Verner

Development Construction Manager

Josh Wimberley

VP, Construction

John Shepard

VP, Development

Joe Horowitz

VP, Development

Mark McCord

VP, Development

Stephanie Lehman

VP, Asset Management

Steve Sellers

VP, Residential

Eric Werner

VP, Pre-Construction

Tim Stewart

VP, Elmington Affordable Lease-ups

Judy Carter

RVP, Property Management

Blair Carroll

SVP, Property Operations

Keri Terrell

RVP, Property Management

Anders Folger

Controller, Construction

Kevin Hoyler

SVP, Property Support

Matthew Riddle

Controller, Elmington Capital

Kyle Bumpous

Controller, Residential

Walt Baxley

Director of Plan Development, Residential

Mary Carroll Leger

Director of Human Resources Operations

Catherine Neal

VP, Client Services, Property Management

Brittany Price

Director, Commercial Leasing

Reed Ellis

Investment Associate

Kevin Helfrich

IT Manager

Jim Kruse

General Superintendent

Crystal Blaylock

Executive Director, Elevates

Laura Catherine Wallace

Investment Associate

Hailey Waldrop

Development Associate

Emeline Fox

Director of Vendor Partnership, Property Management

Jessica Smith


Ashley Riley

Director of Creative & Employee Experiences