Together, we will elevate our community to learn, grow, and thrive. We believe that our greatest opportunity to meet our vision is to elevate and empower our children.


Each year, local low-income and at-risk youth get to play games, meet Santa, and take home a toy. Further, Elevates is committed to providing financial support to meet the needs within the school that are out of reach due to budget but will increase the educational experience for the students.

Toyfest 2018

Club Elevates

Mentorship can have a significant impact on a young person’s ability to break the cycle of poverty in their life. We’re committed to providing real world and engaging in confidence building activities with our kids!

Club Elevates at KIPP: Kirkpatrick

Elevation Clusters

By bringing regional teams together, we empower them to have a greater impact than their participation as a stand-alone community.

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Crystal Blaylock

Executive Director, Elevates